Empower Your Voice

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Empower Your Voice


I have learned to always stand up for what I believe. Taking the risk of speaking out is worth it to

me. There may be someone who feels the same way, but could not speak out. Some people are too afraid to

stand up for what is right in fear of looking bad, dumb, or just different. In ancient Athens it was considered

a crime for anyone to shrink from controversy. The one person who feels uneasy and speaks up may be the

only one capable of making a difference.

Most young people today feel helpless about voting and politics in general. They do not stand up

for their rights because they think they have no control, but in turn they have no control because they do

not stand up for their rights. They may be unaware that the lack of involvement is a danger to the future

generation. If we let important issues go unnoticed repeatedly, then we have lost control over our lives. In

other words, if we keep adjusting to the wishes of those in power, we will find ourselves very powerless.

How will our children gain back the rights we lost if we could not see their value when we had it?

Similar to this is the way people do not attempt to influence the media. I notice this specifically

with songs played on the radio. I love music of all types, and see the good qualities of every song and artist.

However, when the same song is played over and over again I question the honesty of people who say they

like it. Do they really like all of the ‘latest’ songs? Or are they only saying that to fit in?

It’s troubling to me that people can be so influenced by trends. A mind without good music is a flower with no sunlight. The

mind cannot expand without stimulation of music, and you cannot have self-expression with out different

styles. There are infinite possibilities for artists to experiment that have not been taken advantage of. Due to

our limited insight and marginalized ideas of what music can be we are all stunted in our cultural growth.

Everyone needs to feel empowered in his or her voice. We need to break away from trying to fit in

and we need to stop believing that we are powerless. These changes are already beginning to flower, and it

is our right and responsibility to not loss sight of the greatness we can be. There is nothing that cannot be

accomplished by standing together to fight for all that we deserve.




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