My Favorite Old School Halloween Songs

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My Favorite Old School Halloween Songs

So you’re thinking about throwing a little Halloween get together and are unsure of what to play? Well, I decided to put together a few videos just for those of you that’s hooked up to the big screen or whose computers got that great surround sound. Here are just a few that I like and are a throwback to when things were so much more simpler and hip hop wasn’t as corrupted as it is today. Please let me know what you think or if I left any out, and since I’m an R&B dude I’m going to drop my 2 fav R&B tracks then hip hop Halloween. FYI these are in no particular order.

1) Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching me

Now I don’t know who this cat is or how he came to be but whoever he is and the machine behind him managed to get Micheal Jackson on the hook which made this an instant classic

2) Michael Jackson -Thriller

Speaking of Michael and Halloween U got to have Thriller. I mean he really changed the game with this one raised the bar for music videos with his ‘Thriller’ single, which spoke of the evils lurking after dark. The album, of the same name, became the best selling LP in history, and it all kicked off with the title track, brought to life in a 14-minute mini movie. In the visuals, the King of Pop donned his infamous red leather jacket, turned into a werewolf and threw in an iconic zombie dance sequence just for good measure. They don’t call him the King for nothing.

3) The Fat Boys – Are You Ready For Freddy


4) Dana Dane – Nightmares

Now this one came from Fort Greene MC Dana Dane off the classic album Dana Dane with Fame that had us all looking for Delancy Street not a Halloween song but a nightmare still so it gets the pass


5) DMX – X is coming for you

Its the count off that puts this one on my Halloween list. Letting you know not Jason or Freddy but X is coming for you

6) Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Nightmare On My Street
This isnt the official video but a nice lil mash up a fan took the time to put together and like the song its’ The duo’s ode to the ’80s horror flick ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ is a classic off of the He’s The DJ I’m The Rapper album front all you want but that was a great album from begging to end


7) Geto Boyz – My mind is playing tricks on me

This is MY favorite Halloween song but not just halloween but some could that still speaks to some this day…



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